Hello there and welcome to my website.

I am a textile and mixed media artist, living and working in The Forest of Dean on the border of England and Wales.  My work is heavily influenced by Nature and the surrounding area.  I love where I live and it is a rich and varied source of inspiration, from the flora and fauna and the seasonal landscapes, to the history held here. 

I work with fabric, paper, paint and stitch, and relish both the joy and fear of experimenting with these materials. Items of my work, including occasional releases of wearable art, are available in my shop.

I enjoy taking part in art challenges via Instagram.  Two notable ones were my 2017 Year of Stitches, where I stitched something every day on to my Wheel of the Year canvas.  This inspired me to start another year-long project in 2018 – my Nature Notes textile journal – which documents a year in nature, and is also an adventure into the world of mixed media and hand-made books which have long fascinated me.

I believe that we are all, at heart, creative visual beings, and that we should explore our creativity rather than doubt it, or worse, fear it.  I am a member of The Embroiderer’s Guild and The Society for Embroidered Work.  I believe fervently that textile or stitched art is art, and should be regarded so.  I have contributed to a craftivism art project in the USA that focuses on endangered species.  I intend to document my creative experiments and findings on this website, as a resource for other creative souls.  If you have any questions about my work or about creativity, please drop me a line via my contact form or message me on Instagram.